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Tested on : March 2024
Plugins version : GenerateBlocks 1.8.3, GenerateBlocks Pro 1.6.0

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GenerateBlocks Pro Performance Overview

Average Mobile Performance

  • 0-49 : Poor
  • 50-89 : Needs improvements
  • 90-100 : Good


FCP (First Contentful Paint)
1699 ms
LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)
2208 ms
TBT (Total Blocking Time)
34 ms
CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)
SI (Speed Index)
3424 ms
Server Response Time
352 ms
Page Total Size
107 KB
DOM Size
864 Nodes

GenerateBlocks impresses with an outstanding PSI score of 96.44. Notably, it excels in key metrics such as FCP (First Contentful Paint) and LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), showcasing swift loading times for initial content display. The Total Blocking Time (TBT) is remarkably low at 34 ms, contributing to a smooth user experience. Overall, GenerateBlocks demonstrates excellent mobile performance.

For a comparison between GenerateBlocks and other page builders, you can check our WordPress Page Builders Speed Comparison page.

For detailed insights into our testing approach, refer to our WordPress page builder speed test methodology.

User Experience

Our Overall User experience


Ease of Customization

GenerateBlocks is primarily for layout design, offering only essential blocks such as Container, Grid, Headline, Image, Button, and Query Loop. If you need more specific blocks like accordion, tabs, or galleries, you will have to use an additional external plugin. In our testing, we opted for the free version of Stackable, utilizing Video Popup, Icon List, Icon, and Carousel.

What stands out about this Gutenberg builder is its granular control over every element in the layout structure. Unlike other page builders that automatically apply default settings upon block creation (like container 100% width, container center aligned, and so on…), GenerateBlocks doesn't and therefore requires a few more clicks for setup. However, this approach makes it more flexible and powerful.

During our page structure creation, we found two points that raised questions. First, why doesn't the grid block have a max-width? To control this without CSS coding, you need to add a parent container to the grid, which might seem a bit excessive for a max-width. Second is about the main parent container, when set to full width the left and right paddings are forced to 0. While full-width typically means margins set to 0, users might want control over the paddings. To achieve this without CSS, you again need to add an extra child container, which might feel like a bit much for adjusting paddings. However, considering the very impressive speed result, the additional containers become a minor concern.

GenerateBlocks also stands out for its stability, as we encountered no bugs during our testing. Overall, it offers a robust and stable solution for users focused on granular control over layout elements.

Bugs And Limitations

GenerateBlocks is impressive in terms of stability; we didn't encounter any bugs during usage.

In our evaluation against the list of requirements for the test page, we encountered some limitations:
  • Shape Dividers: Asymmetrical curve not available but easily applied by custom CSS to the regular curve shape.

In summary, GenerateBlocks stands out as one of the top, possibly the top, Gutenberg page builder for layout crafting. Its remarkable flexibility and power come from the detailed control it provides over every element. We were able to complete the test page with just 5 lines of CSS, a strong contrast to some other well-known builders that needed over 100 lines. Remarkably, we didn't encounter any bugs, highlighting its reliability. The only drawback lies in the limited selection of specific blocks, often necessitating the installation of an additional plugin.

Do we recommend GenerateBlocks Page Builder?

Stamp recommended green

**GenerateBlocks Pro: Highly Recommended!**

With its impressive PSI result, GenerateBlocks is highly recommended. It is also a top choice for layout creation. However, since it offers only the essential blocks, keep in mind that you may need an extra Gutenberg plugin.

Why We Recommend GenerateBlocks:
  • Speed: It is one of the fastest WordPress page builder in the market.
  • Flexibility: It is powerful, as it offers granular control over every element of the layout.
Who Should Consider GenerateBlocks:
  • Performance Seekers: For those in need of a very light Gutenberg page builder, it is a top choice.
  • Flexibility Seekers: Those looking for a page builder with granular control over each and every aspect of the layout.
  • GeneratePress Users: If you are a GeneratePress theme user, you should consider GenerateBlocks.
Who Should Not Consider GenerateBlocks:
  • Those looking for a comprehensive unique solution that includes all the necessary blocks may feel limited with the essential blocks offered by the builder.

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