Fastest WordPress Themes: Speed Comparison

This page provides a quick overview of the Google PSI mobile speed performance of the WordPress themes tested in this website, helping you determine the fastest WordPress theme for your needs. For detailed insights into each theme, you can check out our individual reviews. We have ranked them from fastest to slowest, helping you make an informed decision for your WordPress website.

  • FCP (ms): First Contentful Paint.
  • LCP (ms): Largest Contentful Paint.
  • TBT (ms): Total Blocking Time.
  • CLS: Cumulative Layout Shift.
  • SI (ms): Speed Index.
  • SRT (ms): Server Response Time.
  • PTS (KB): Page Total Size.
  • DOM (nodes): DOM Size.
  • Score (Max 100): Google PSI mobile score.











Blocksy Pro15831881660404628739383496.27
GeneratePress Pro16781853640438534041583795.75
Neve Pro156818798604252356384103095.40
Kadence Pro152518731190435235638989394.78
OceanWP Pro20832125470498626670785792.76
Astra Pro1858215515204486345445101792.62

Our recommended WordPress Themes

This section has affiliate links. If you buy something through these links, we may earn a commission. It’s okay – we love our recommended themes anyway, and you will too!

The main criteria for a theme to receive our recommendation is its speed, with a requirement of achieving a 90+ score on Google PSI mobile. However, we also consider user-friendliness, features, and the presence of bugs. A theme might be speedy but if it lacks essential features, options, or has numerous bugs, it won’t make our recommendation list. The themes listed here have successfully met all these criteria. Choosing any of them for your WordPress website should provide a satisfying and smooth experience.

  • Blocksy Pro: Highly recommended for its user-friendly interface and exceptional speed.
  • GeneratePress Pro: A lightweight, developer-oriented theme that is highly stable and exceptionally fast.
  • Neve Pro: Lightweight and exceptionally fast WordPress theme.
  • Kadence Pro: Feature-rich and exceptionally fast, Kadence is a top choice for WordPress website development.
  • Astra Pro: Feature-rich, user-friendly, and with decent speed, the Astra theme is a good choice for website development.

— Stay tuned for more WordPress themes speed tests! —