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Blocksy Theme Pro

Last tested on : February 2024
Theme version : Blocksy 20.0.18
Pro plugin version : Blocksy Companion (Premium) 2.0.14

Blocksy Theme Performance Overview

Average Mobile Performance

  • 0-49 : Poor
  • 50-89 : Needs improvements
  • 90-100 : Good


FCP (First Contentful Paint)
1583 ms
LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)
1881 ms
TBT (Total Blocking Time)
66 ms
CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)
SI (Speed Index)
4046 ms
Server Response Time
287 ms
Page Total Size
393 KB
DOM Size
834 Nodes

Blocky shows excellent mobile performance, with an average score of 96.27. Metrics such as FCP and LCP are within the "Good" range, indicating swift loading times for content. The Total Blocking Time (TBT) is particularly low at 66 ms, suggesting minimal delays in responsiveness. Despite a slightly high Speed Index (SI) of 4046 ms, the theme maintains a smooth user experience with rapid visual rendering.

For a comparison between Blocksy and other themes, you can check our WordPress Themes Speed Comparison page.

For detailed insights into our testing approach, refer to our WordPress theme speed test methodology.

User Experience

Our Overall User experience


Ease of Customization

The Blocksy theme stands out with a super-clear and modern customizer that has been redesigned for enhanced clarity. The user interface is very intuitive and user-friendly, making customization a really pleasing experience. The organization of options is well-thought-out, contributing to an easy-to-navigate environment. Elements such as colors, fonts, headers, footers, and page layouts are easily adjustable, reflecting Blocksy's commitment to user-centric design.

Bugs And Limitations

Our experience with Blocksy has been overwhelmingly positive, with only a minor bug encountered in the customizer. Specifically, we faced an issue with the mobile menu that refused to close, necessitating a customizer page reload to resolve the issue.

In our evaluation against the list of requirements for the test page, we encountered 2 limitations:
  • Buttons without Shadow Settings.
  • The menu dropdown feature offers only a single background color without options for hover or active states.

Despite these minor observations, the overall working experience with the Blocksy theme was a big "Wow." Its clear and modern customizer, along with its user-friendly approach, contributes to a positive and efficient user experience.

Do we recommend Blocksy Theme Pro?

Stamp recommended green

**Blocksy Theme Pro: Highly Recommended!**

Blocksy Theme Pro proves to be an outstanding choice, offering a superb customizer design, functionality, and user-friendliness. It not only excels in aesthetics but also it is one of the fastest WordPress Gutenberg block-based themes in the market.

Why We Recommend Blocksy:
  • Speed: Blocksy is among the fastest WordPress themes available.
  • Feature-Rich: Boasting a large array of features, it offers a comprehensive solution for website development.
  • User-Friendly: Its intuitive design makes it accessible for users of all skill levels.
Who Should Consider Blocksy:
  • If you're seeking a theme that excels in speed, features, and user-friendliness, Blocksy is a top contender. Its modern customizer and efficient design contribute to a seamless website development experience.
Who Should Not Consider Blocksy:
  • While Blocksy excels as a theme, it's important to note that it is primarily a standalone theme and doesn't include a page builder or a comprehensive suite of additional plugins for extended functionality. If you're looking for an all-in-one website development solution that includes a bundled page builder and other essential plugins, Blocksy will not meet those specific requirements.

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